Kedma Organic Olive Oil
Kedma Organic Olive Oil
Kedma Organic Olive Oil

Kedma Organic Olive Oil

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Our Olive Oil

Our refined olive oil is produced at Einot Kedem, an organic desert farm at the gates of the land of Israel.

Here is where our ancestors entered the promised land.
Here is where we realize our love of the land and nature.
Here is where we are privileged to cultivate our organic olive groves and make our boutique olive oil.

Our Story

Einot Kedem is a farm run by husband and wife in the Southern Jordan valley, Israel.

"We settled in the land after the Arab uprising of 2000 and, for the first few years, lived a pioneer life, sleeping in tents, living without electricity or running water, overcoming sandstorms, and frequently getting up in the middle of the night to repel thieves.

But our love of this lend is endless, and we take great pride in participating in the historic return of the Jewish people to the land of their forefathers.

We wanted to create a small oasis, not only for the body, but also for the spirit. From the very beginning, in fact, our farm has been a safe haven for many troubled teenagers from weak homes, young men and women who had trouble fitting into traditional roles.

They have helped us build this wonderful place. The farm has provided them meaning, a goal, and has allowed them to be part of a productive and supportive family life.

These teenagers have grown into strong and confident adults with a sense of responsibility and purpose in life.

And, along the way, they have helped us make this boutique organic olive oil that we are truly consider a blessed product of our magnificent land.

Enjoy it."

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