About Made in Israel

Over the years, many Jews have decided to move to the Holy Land and build a life for themselves in a place that calls unto the souls of men like few others in the world. 

Many of these men and women are infused with the desire to use their skills to carve works of art that bring together the mundane and the sacred, objects that we can use in our everyday tasks but that emanate timeless spiritual significance.

But these skillful craftsmen are limited in their means of making these timeless pieces available to the general public, particularly beyond their local towns or villages or even the borders of their country.

Our vision is simply to share their work and all that it represents in its spiritual richness. Everything for sale in our online store is made in Israel. Even our physical store in Dallas, Texas is not only stocked with the same products, but is fully built with materials, fixtures, and furnishings made entirely in Israel.

We are Made in Israel and proud to bring Israeli products to you to enrich your life, as Israel has enriched ours.