I Am Before You (Lefanecha)
I Am Before You (Lefanecha)

I Am Before You (Lefanecha)

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Beatiful Messianic music in Hebrew. Free shipping in the continental U.S.

  1. God Full of Mercy (El Meleh Rachamim)
  2. Stronger (Ata Gadol)
  3. Pour Out Your Spirit (Shfoch Et Ruchacha)
  4. Fire of Your Spirit (Esh Ruchacha)
  5. All That Is Within Me (Kol Ma Sh'bi)
  6. I Will Exalt (Eshtachaveh L'cha)
  7. Rescue (Ani Edvock B'cha)
  8. The Great Exchange
  9. Worthy Is the Lamb (Raui Haseh)
  10. Nothing Can Separate Us (Lo Yafridu Oti Mimcha)
  11. One Thing (Achat Shalti)
  12. Offering