Four Dazzling Jewelry Designers in Jerusalem

In recent years, Jerusalem has really reinvented its artistic vibe. New cafes, bars, and shops have appeared that promote Jerusalem’s creative, artistic culture. Dozens of chic boutiques have popped up around the city – particularly stylish jewelry shops that provide handmade, custom-designed pieces for Jerusalemites and visitors to swoon over.

Here are four dazzling jewelry designers in Jerusalem.

Alit Heiman

Alit HeimanThis dancer-turned-jewelry designer uses her art and dance background to create beautiful pieces of high-end jewelry. Alit uses only silver, gold, and vermeil in her jewelry, and her influences of dance and nature can be seen in the movement and flow of her elegant, minimalistic pieces. All of Alit’s jewelry is handmade and can only be found in a few select museum stores or in her boutique on chic Bezalel Street.

Turquoise 925

Turquoise 925In Jerusalem’s upper-end Yoel Moshe Salomon Street you can find one of the city’s biggest gems in jewelry design – Turquoise 925. This little shop is famous for its handmade wedding rings, but also produces beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pins created by the jeweler Itzik Sasson. The store’s special quality is Sasson’s unique talent for matching jewelry to the person who will wear it and the specific occasion.

Stav Jewelry

StavThis prosperous shop is run by Dalia and Eyal, a couple who are inspired by the world and who love innovation. All of their work is handmade and created in their in-store workshop. Their jewelry has become known by tourists and locals alike for the large variety of styles, constant new designs and design updates, and fast, friendly service. Their ultimate mission is to sell specially-designed jewelry at a high quality with a great attention to detail and a long life.


YardenaIf you’re into the lesser-known, but still desire beautiful hand-crafted jewelry, then Yardena is perfect for you. Named for the artist behind the creations, this little store found on popular Ben Yehuda Street produces gorgeous jewelry that is made in-shop. From rings to bracelets to earrings, these one-of-a-kind creations are something to behold.