Annette Frommer, Interior Designer

Annette FrommerWith over two decades of successful design experience, Annette and her team provide personal and select service to high-end customers, whether residents or overseas clients wishing to have a pied-a-terre in Israel.

Annette Frommer Interior Design Studio is an Israeli-based firm serving an international client base which specializes in luxury residential interiors. This award winning studio brings design excellence to each project; it is the studio’s objective to provide clients around the globe with insightful, state-of-the-art design solutions.

Annette Frommer’s extensive knowledge and expertise provide an unparalleled level of professional service. Emphasis is placed on uncompromising standards when commissioning furniture, planning the joinery, improving the layout of the space, or when handling any other matter. Ultimately this type of meticulous work increases the market value of a property.

Annette’s highly refined style characterizes each project from conceptualization to the actual design plans. The studio manages and coordinates all technical and logistical aspects of the project to save the client precious time, consequently delivering a turn-key project. Client discretion is fundamental.